This is the greatest chart in the history of charts, because it plots cats vs. cats, and also because it uses kittens as data points, but mostly because despite all this, it’s still not a linear relationship.



This is the greatest chart in the history of charts, because it plots cats vs. cats, and also because it uses kittens as data points, but mostly because despite all this, it’s still not a linear relationship.


the weird thing about male stereotypes is that they’re mostly perpetuated by men.

i was just talking to my father and he told me that i need to “leave men alone” because men are stupid, manipulative, potentially violent/ dangerous, only want sex, are immature at this age, a waste of my time, and will prevent me on focusing on my education.

lol that’s pretty much every negative stereotype against men wrapped up into one sentence and i hear this all the time from men. 

but when women regurgitate it because they experience some of this stuff first hand then *we’re* man hating. 

the truth is male privilege makes a lot of men very entitled which leads to unsavory behavior. so in this sense these stereotypes have some truth.

but at the same time even i know not all men fall into these categories. but if i talk to my father or my uncles or my older male cousins they’ll be the ones who are most willing to say that pretty much all men do. or they’ll say “i’m like that. that’s how i know.”

And this doesn’t just happen when men are trying to keep women (daughters, sisters) away from other men. It’s all over our media.

Extreme Private Eros: Love Song 1974 | Kazuo Hara, 1974

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Essentially all of these.

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I suspect it’s difficult for men to imagine a world in which their bodies have long been inextricably linked to their value as an individual, and that no matter how encouraging your parents were or how many positive female role models you had or how self-confident you feel, there is an ever-present pressure that creeps in from all sides, whispering in your ear that you are your body and your body defines you. A world where, from the time of pubescence on, you can feel the constant and palpable weight of the male gaze, and not just from your male peers but from teachers and sports coaches and the fathers of the children you baby-sit, people you’re supposed to respect and trust and look up to, and that first realization that you are being looked at in that way is the beginning of a self-consciousness that you will be unable to shake for the rest of your life.Even if they are never verbalized, the rules of bodily conduct for females become clear early on: when school administrators reprimand you for the inch of midriff that shows when you lift your hands straight in the air or youth group leaders tell you that the sight of your unintentional cleavage is what causes godly young men to fall, you learn that your body is dangerous and shameful and that it’s your responsibility to cloister it in a way that is acceptable to everyone else. You learn that your body is a topic of public debate that everyone is entitled to weigh in on, from a male classmate telling you that those jeans make your ass look huge to the male-dominated United States Congress dictating the parameters that rape must fall within to be considered legitimate. To be a woman, and to live life in a woman’s body, is to be held to a set of comically paradoxical standards that make you constantly second-guess yourself and jump through a million hoops in pursuit of an impossible perfection.
Stop Catcalling Me by Kendall Goodwin (x)

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and to me, the important thing to notice is the differences in how rihanna and britney spears are treated. or madonna or denise richards or kelly preston or any of the multitudes of white women who have been abused or ARE being abused, in the case of spears—and how are they looked at? compared to rihanna? is madonna known and defined by the abuse she experienced? does anybody even know what i’m talking about when i say brittney is being abused? 

why is nobody pressuring brittney to “just leave” and hoping she “stays safe”? 

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“That life is stressful for Black students and other students of color on predominantly White campuses should not come as a surprise, but it often does. White students and faculty frequently underestimate the power and presence of the overt and covert manifestations of racism on campus, and students of color often come to predominantly White campuses expecting more civility than they find. Whether it is the loneliness of being routinely overlooked as a lab partner in science courses, the irritation of being continually asked by curious classmates about Black hairstyles, the discomfort of being singled out by a professor to give the ‘Black perspective’ in class discussion, the pain of racist graffiti scrawled on dormitory room doors, the insult of racist jokes circulated through campus email, or the injury inflicted by racial epithets (and sometimes beer bottles) hurled from a passing car, Black students on predominantly White college campuses must cope with ongoing affronts to their racial identity.”

Beverly Daniel TatumWhy Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria? (via tabularasae)

Literally all of this stuff happened at Pomona College, a supposedly liberal haven.